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Keren Gefen MInd-Body Fertility Organization

Now offering Mind-Body Fertility Workshops in conjunction with Toras Hamishpacha


Keren Gefen is a non-profit organization that supports and facilitates
Mind Body Fertility projects in Israel.

Women undergoing fertility treatments often suffer from anxiety, depression, tension, low self-esteem and relationship difficulties. Research shows that stress due to these emotional states lower the fertility potential of women. Consequently, psychological support is an important factor in the treatment of women undergoing fertility treatment.
For more information about Keren Gefen Mind-Body Fertility Organization
and our workshops geared to the Charedi community


    To sign up for one of our workshops please contact:

     Dr Karen Friedman - 0544601689

     Rabbi Avraham Zilberberg - 0533112340

     Mrs Sara Zwiebel - 0548410319