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פרויקט טהרנו

"לקיים בנו "טהרתן של ישראל

While staining during “clean” days, irregular cycles or breakthrough bleeding are longstanding issues, contemporary medical advancements have compounded these challenges considerably with a host of new variables such as birth control pills, IUD ’s and various treatment regimens.

For the most part, doctors have very minimal familiarity with these issues as they relate to halachic tahara. Because staining is not recognized as a serious medical issue, most doctors aren’t aware of the difficulties they pose. Conversely, many rabbanim don’t have the medical expertise to deal with these issues effectively.

Tahareinu – a project of Toras Hamishpacha – is a vital resource created to provide women with direct access to both medical proficiency and halachic expertise as they relate to the issues of achieving tahara.Tahareinu’s confidential hotline and email address offer the option to speak openly and anonymously with a recognized posek well-versed in all aspects of halacha and medicine as they relate to women’s health, tahara, intimacy, birth control, infertility or other related issues. As per your preference, you also have the option to discuss your situation with a fellow woman, who can forward it to a recognized halachic authority. Under the guidance of the Gedolei Haposkim in our generation, Toras Hamishpacha has been warmly endorsed by leading rabbanim from both Eretz Yisroel as well as the United States

Additionally Toras Hamishpacha gives many courses throughout the year training rabbis with the medical knowledge to be able to answer and help women with these problems. We also make conferences for rabbis and doctors worldwide to be able to bridge the gap between these two sides, on the one hand to help doctors understand  the needs of the Orthodox woman and on the other for rabbis to gain knowledge in the new medical advancements.

Toras Hamishpacha is under the guidance of the Gedolei Haposkim in our generation, and has many approbations from the leading rabbis in Israel and America.

US & Canada Hotline Number – 1 855 4 TAHARA(482-4272)
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